[seasar-user-en:40] Re: Need some information about Seaser

Fri Mar 12 15:47:58 JST 2010

Hi Debashish,
> I have been evaluating the DI frameworks and it was interesting to fin SeaSar,
> not sure if many non Japanese people know about it much,
> especially when it is being actively developed.
> I have few questions about SeaSar,
> may be the moderator of this group or seasoned uses could reply.
>  1.  How good are the Japanese language support
>      (not aware if i18n support in JEE alone is sufficient) features in SeaSar.
>      Does it offer any significant advantage over using Struts or Spring?

The language of all of our documents and error messages is Japanese,
Japanese ML is very active, and all committers are Japanese.

>  2.  How common is it for applications developed for Japanese market to use this framework
>      (as opposed to Struts+Hibernate or Spring)?

I think Seasar2 is more popular than Spring in Japan.
The following survey shows it. Sorry, it's Japanese.
S2Dao is a part of Seasar2.

>      Is the userbase of SeaSer only in Japan or even outside,
>      among the English speaking world?

The userbase of the Seasar2 is only Japan,
because we don't prepare english documents for the current version(2.4).

>  3.  Does the community find it easier to find development/troubleshooting help?

Yes. As described the above, Japanese ML is very active,
and ISID, which is my compary, provides business support.
http://isid.co.jp/solution/oss/seasar.html (Japanese)

>      Are there enough documents for non-Japanese speaking people?
Unfortunately, we don't prepare english documents for the current version(2.4).


Yasuo Higa

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