[seasar-user-en:7] O/R mapping without XML and web base security system

Mon Apr 3 13:09:37 JST 2006

Thank you Shinpei Ohtani for your replay.
  Now I want to integrate seasar authentication and authorization (S2AnA) with my system
  Can u help me where from I download details source code and little documentation for implementation S2AnA.
  My another problem is 
  I found some documentation about O/R mapping with s2dao .
  as follows
  O/R mapping is accomplished by just adding metadata to java source code.
  For my current project I design Schema, Table and others database related job.
  I don’t want to do this job manually like create command.
  I found some documentation for O/R mapping but I don’t found any implementation or proper example 
  Can u help me how can I doing this type job using s2dao

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