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2013年 2月 26日 (火) 11:28:32 JST


   This is Weiming Zhou. I'd like to ask a few questions about loop and 

   I tried to display a list of items with ' <table><tbody 
id="xxxItems">... ', and I placed several te:condition within the table 
to control whether some of the columns are displayed or not, for 
instance, <te:condition rendered="#{xxxPage.showColumn1}" 
omittag="true">,etc. I find it extremely slow when it rediects to other 
pages from this page if there are up to several thousand items and I 
want to control the display of up to 20 columns.

   I read log and find something like 

   Moreover, Teeda seems to encode the information for te:condition in 
the web page using a hidden input field named "te:condition", whose 
value is so long that it makes HTTP requests extremely large, which 
might be the reason of the pool performance my project suffers but I'm 
not sure. I guess the information stored in the server side and the 
client side might be redundant.

   Q1. Is there any way to make Teeda store all this information in 
server side in order not to make the HTTP requests so large?
   Q2. If I don't care about the value of Booleans like showColumn1 when 
posting back, is there any way to avoid the performance penalty for both 
the server side and client side? I mean I don't want Teeda to store 
these things in PageScope or a hidden field in the web page.


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