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2007年 12月 28日 (金) 18:39:11 JST

Thanks for your reply.

But my project did can't work under websphere.
When i don't check on the url rewriting ,i can't login because of no session
found and can't pass the filter.
When i check on the url rewriting, it can automatically create jsessionid,
but still works wrong
Error 500: [ETDA0029]屡にリダイレクトされています。

Are you sure i don't need to do any special programming for this?
Then how should i do the WAS session configuration?
It seems useless only check on the url rewriting and cookie.

Or these's something wrong within teeda-sp2 (the teeda version i'm
using)that caused my problem.


> Hi guys,
> >
> > Accroding to the ibm site , it is said that
> > "
> >
> > An application that uses URL rewriting to track sessions must adhere to
> > certain programming guidelines. The application developer needs to do
> the
> > following:
> >
> >    - Program servlets to encode URLs
> >    - Supply a servlet or JavaServer Pages (JSP) file as an entry point
> to
> >    the application
> >
> >
> > Must i "adhere to certain programming guidelines"?
> > When i use tomcat as my application server, it runs well. The url ended
> with
> > jsessionid, and it is automatically added.
> > So i wander if the "seasar + teeda" has already done it for
> > us?(automatically rewrite url)
> >
> Teeda uses HttpServletResponse#encodeURL(), encodeRedirectURL().
> So, if WebSphere implements Servlet API completely,
> your application will works well.
> You don't need to use response.encodeRedirectURL(...).
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